The online retailer and COO Jürgen Vedie have separated. The two board members Matthias Peuckert and Dr. Nikolas Weinberger take over his responsibilities.

Jürgen Vedie left the board of directors of SE on September 30. The online retailer for baby and toddler products had previously announced that the Supervisory Board and Vedie wanted to cancel the Management Board contract early. According to the company, this is being done in the best mutual agreement. Actually, Vedie would have been a member of the board and Chief Operating Officer of until June 30, 2019. His areas of responsibility included supply chain management, logistics, operative purchasing and customer service. The position of COO has not been filled by Vedie’s responsibilities are now taken over by the existing board members Matthias Peuckert (Chief executive) and Dr. Nikolaus Weinberger (CFO). The company praised Jürgen Vedie’s achievements. In the last two years, as COO, he has contributed to significant increases in efficiency in the areas of logistics, operations and customer service. Under his leadership, considerable cost optimization measures have been implemented and significant improvements in net working capital have been achieved.

Jürgen Vedie’s COO position will not be filled

Willi Schwerdtle, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of “Jürgen Vedie has decided to leave after his contract expires. The Supervisory Board complied with this request and cancelled the contract early. On behalf of the Management Board and the Supervisory Board I would like to thank him very much for his commitment and the work he has done at and wish him all the best for the future. In addition to his professional competence, Mr. Vedie has also greatly enriched the company on a human level in many aspects. The Supervisory Board and the two remaining Management Board members have taken the joint decision to renounce a third Management Board member in the future and to let the current structure of the group be managed by the two existing Management Board members. considers itself well positioned to push the measures Forward in order to increase efficiency and profitability in order to reach break-even at the beginning of 2019”. In the first quarter of 2018, sales had declined to 32.8 Million euros, a decrease of 29.5 percent compared to the same period of the previous year.


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