The coveted award “Spiel des Jahres 2019” goes to a cooperative party game from Repos. Just One convinced the jury. The author of Just One, Bruno Sautter, proudly accepted the award.

The “Spiel des Jahres” prize has been awarded for 40 years. What began as a list of the best with only ten games has long since developed into a well-known and effective advertising quality feature. The ten jury members have tested numerous games over the last twelve months. Their choice fell on “Just One”. In the word guessing game, a player must find the term he is looking for as quickly as possible. However, he doesn’t get the hints from the game, but from the other players. Everyone notes his or her tip. However, double advice must be removed before giving away. It is therefore more helpful to note down hints that the other players think will not be written down. This is how amusing descriptions of a term sometimes come together. For the jury it was clear: “Just one is ingenious especially because of its simplicity”. The game from Repos Production prevailed against the other two finalists “L.A.M.A.” and “Werwörter”.

Jury praises Just One’s low entry hurdle

Just One” was designed by the two French game authors Ludovic Roudy and Bruno Sautter. It is their fourth game. The jury’s further justification for the easy to understand and fast party game reads like a knightly accolade: “It stands out because it develops an enormous pull: Those who play it in public will quickly attract onlookers who prefer to play along. And that’s what they often do, because the entry hurdle is so low that anyone can overcome it without any problems. It’s a flash of communicative playfulness that makes its mark on every round and leaves a lasting impression.” “Just One” is suitable for three to seven players aged eight and over. The play duration amounts to party-suited approximately 20 minutes. Just One” is published via Repos Production. The publishing house with seat in Brussels was created 2004. The portfolio also includes “Concept” (nominated for Spiel des Jahres 2014) and “7 Wonders” (Connoisseur Spiel des Jahres 2011).

Minister of State for Culture Grütter praises the importance of analog games

“Just One” author Bruno Sautter accepted the award at a ceremony in Berlin. In her speech, Minister of State for Culture Prof. Monika Grütters emphasized the importance of playing for social cohesion. Despite the wide range of digital games on offer, analog parlour games in particular are experiencing a real boom. “The pleasure in exchange, the pleasure in sociability and the socially integrative power of board and card games is unbroken,” Grütters stated. “Communication, social togetherness and a sense of community in the best sense of the word emerge in games,” Grütters continued. The world of games is a reflection of their time and thus also a document of our culture. “Analogue games have an integrative effect, strengthen team spirit and connect generations with each other. In times of increasing digitalization, the growing demand for board and card games in Germany is a very pleasing signal.

Which other games were on the shortlist alongside Just One?

The two other finalists “L.A.M.A.” and “Werwörter” may bear the title “Nominated for the Game of the Year 2019”. “L.A.M.A” comes from Amigo and is a fast card game. The abbreviation stands for “Put all minus points down”. The jury’s praise: “The task, which seems trivial here at first glance, quickly unfolds a pull effect thanks to the minimal tactical note, which hardly anyone can resist. Werwörter” by Ravensburger is about guessing a secret word with which the villagers can chase werewolves into flight. The jury was impressed by the game’s principle: “The fact that some players have to ask apparently unsuspectingly for the solution they have known for a long time to cover up their identity here sounds absurd at first glance, but proves to be a fabulous trick. It’s phenomenal how much gaming fun can be possible in five minutes.”


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Link: The jury of “Spiel des Jahres” has announced the winner of the coveted award.

Image: Spiel des Jahres