Lego licensee Kabooki plans to further expand its product portfolio and has signed two new license agreements.

Warner Brothers and Universal have been part of Kabooki’s license portfolio since April 2019. The US film and television company Warner Brothers owns the rights to Batman, Harry Potter and Looney Tunes, among others. Universal Studios leads the portfolio: Despicable me, Jurassic World and the Trolls. A year ago, Kabooki was acquired by owner and CEO Christopher Silcowitz and a new strategic plan was developed. Part of this plan is to optimize the company’s perspective as far as possible. Kabooki is concentrating on two business areas. The basic structure is the Lego Wear label, which has been successful on the market for 26 years. The new competence area focuses on the customer-specific design of clothing for large retailers. This gives retailers the opportunity to have individual garments decorated with Warner or Universal motifs made from a minimum order quantity of 1000 pieces.

New license brands: Universal Studios & Warner Brothers

“Getting the licenses was part of our strategic plan, the new brands were already well received by our customers. We now have three different areas in our range: Lego Wear, Universal and Warner Brothers apparel. We are and want to be the agile player in this custom segment of the licensing business, and we believe that a handful of very strong, international brands is the right setup for a company like ours,” says Adrian Durrani, Division Manager for Licenses.


The Danish company Kabooki stands behind Lego Wear and employs 70 people. The company is headquartered in Herning and has a sales team in Munich and a CSR team in Shanghai and Shenzhen.


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Link: Kabooki with two new licenses.

Image: Kabooki