The generation Y just does not want to grow up. The brand Vans grew with its fans, which are between 20 and 40 years old today, and has gained cult status with its skate shoes by now. The Vans x Nintendo collection is a homage to the youth and the millennials.

The US sports fashion manufacturer adorns its very well-known shoes but also its clothing with the pixel stars of the 2000s: Super Mario, Duck Hunt, Donkey Kong and The Legend of Zelda, legendary characters from Nintendo games. The potential target group of the collection has been cleverly selected since it is comprised of a colorful mixture of subcultures. Casual skaters as well as nerdy gamers, who are all known as hipsters today, can become endlessly nostalgic when taking a glance at the collection.

What attracts the big ones or those who do not want to grow up, excites the little ones anyways. Those will, as current Nintendo fans, also make a find in the colorfully playful collaborations and enjoy trendy prints on t-shirts, hoodies, stockings, caps and backpacks.

The new Vans x Nintendo collection is available from next Friday on at selected sport merchants in the USA – throughout the month in the Vans’ online shop or a merchant close by.

Featured Image: © Vans x Nintendo