KidPix, the subscription service for premium children’s clothing, launches a new global online platform that connects buyers directly with labels and stores. The new shopping platform will serve as a new option to discover emerging children’s fashion brands from around the world in one place.

The KidPix Platform was founded in 2018 by friends Katya Ogudina and Sian Evans, who have been working together at the University of Oxford since studying business administration together. Today the platform connects buyers and labels and enables a range of styles, sizes (0-12 years) and budgets. Through a questionnaire, clients specify their budget and the style they want, and stylists select the items they want. The box is currently only available in the UK.

Innovative brands under KidPix

Carefully curated, the following new emerging brands have joined the KidPix community as boutique members, among them: Twin & Chic, Little Lord and Lady, Quinty Baby Peru, Princess & the Cake, I Haven’t the Foggiest and many more. Most of the brands come from the UK, Europe, South America and beyond. These include numerous brands that currently have little or no online presence. In addition to up-and-coming baby and children brands, KidPix will also present established labels with its portfolio, among them: Oscar & Valentine, Baby & Taylor, Bebe Bombom and Britannical. Subscription box and gift service remain unchanged.

The new platform presents with its brand portfolio both different styles and sizes (0-12 years) to different budgets. The articles are sent directly to the buyer via Boutique. Just in time for the launch of the new shopping platform, KidPix has published a new, redesigned website ( The subscription box and gift service will still be available.

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Picture: Kidpix