The Kindererschuh Ordertage can look back on a successful start of the roadshow. The order platform for children’s shoes has established itself within a year and inspires both dealers and buyers. The roadshow stands out above all for its accessibility due to its regional orientation.

Thomas Wetzlar, organizer of the Kinderschuh Ordertage, sums up: “The Kinderschuh Ordertage are received with great enthusiasm and the feedback is consistently positive. Once again it is confirmed that our series of events makes the right offer and we are very happy about the great response. We were in Hamburg and Berlin for the second time and feel that they know us now and are integrating the event into their order planning. He continues: “It’s very exciting to see how a spontaneous idea can develop if you push it forward with all your heart and soul. In February 2018, who would have expected us to grow from one event to seven within a year? I also think the great networking between exhibitors and visitors has been a great success. The Kinderschuh Ordertage are much more than just an order platform.”

Last weekend, the Kinderschuh Ordertage trade fair stopped in Berlin. The very successful location “Von Greifswald” brought together retailers, manufacturers, agencies and designers in a cosy atmosphere.

Retailers in Berlin very satisfied

Helma Tobies, Managing Director of Viking Footwear, sums up the fair as follows: “The Kinderschuh Ordertage in Berlin were great. They are a successful start for the retailers and offer the brands very good presentation possibilities. Although the big players are missing, the platform offers a great variety of brands. I think it’s very important to be able to present yourself as a bundle.”

Wetzlar also sees it this way: “Anyone looking for access to the German market today will find what they are looking for here – in a great circle of colleagues and ambience and with plenty of opportunity to get to know not only dealers but also agents. And all this at an unrivalled low price.”

Johanna Pesky from Pom Pom is also satisfied: “The fair was well attended. There were open-minded, nice people. The event has established itself and I’ll definitely be back.” She reports on the colour trends as follows: “In Berlin, muted colours such as dark blue and olive are more in demand. In Munich, on the other hand, grey and pink were the best.”

Reiner Walter, Sales Manager North Germany of Unisa Europe, agrees: “I am very satisfied with the fair. It is a beautiful location and there are no overlaps with other trade fairs. Sunday was the best day for me. I was able to write many new customers.”

Kinderschuh Ordertage venues 2019

The Kinderschuh Ordertage 2019 in Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg and Berlin have already taken place. The Frankfurt location is a premiere. Wetzlar: “The Le Méridien Hotel offered us a great location and a first-class setting for our premiere in Frankfurt. On the other hand, the short-term cancellation of our partner Kids Now suddenly changed the general conditions. The event was generally regarded as too early and too centrally located in the city. Many of our participants had not yet finished their collection and after the sudden departure of the Kids Now we were not only robbed of our trade fair partner, but also confronted with a competing trade fair event in Eschborn (children’s clothing). The bottom line is that the Frankfurt location has not yet convinced us. We are currently planning the new roadshow in July and August, let’s see if we can find a sensible approach for the Main metropolis.”

Kinderschuh Ordertage in Hamburg

Kinderschuh Ordertage for the first time in Switzerland

For the first time this year, the event will also take place in Zurich (3 and 4 February). “We have been approached many times about an event in Switzerland and are happy to accommodate the interest. The Swiss market is very diverse and there is great interest in fashion and beautiful shoes. We are very much looking forward to stopping in Zurich on Sunday and Monday! Ultimately, the Swiss retailers will now decide whether we will establish ourselves. If there is a desire for more variety, we would also like to grow in Zurich. The preparations were very demanding overall. Without the energetic support of Vera Cerulla, Ramona Kreutz and Christina Müter, I would certainly have reached my limits”, reports Wetzlar.

Stuttgart (10 and 11 February), Düsseldorf (17 and 18 February) and Munich (24 and 25 February) also follow.

Wetzlar adds: “In the summer we will also come to Austria. We are currently evaluating whether we will go to Salzburg or Vienna. We are also holding talks in Denmark, the Netherlands and Italy. To this end, we are currently working on an exciting expansion of our concept. But I can’t tell you any more about it yet.”

Exhibitors at the fair

Exhibitors of the roadshow include: Bundgaard, Dulis, Falcotto, Kavat, Koel4Kids, Naturino, Rap, Vado & Vadolino, Viking Footwear, Aster, Clic!, Develab, Hummel, Jochie & Freaks and Kamik.
Also: Kickers, Mod8, Nanga, Pom Pom, Red-Rag, Robeez, Slipstop, W6YZ and Racoon.
In addition: Belly-Button, Benjie of Switzerland, Bopy, Camper For Kids, Eli 1957, En Fant, Easy Peasy, Filii Barefoot, Hip, Lepi, Living Kitzbühel, Méduse, Noël, Pololo, Rooskickx, Telyoh, Unisa and Yokono.

In conclusion, Wetzlar emphasizes: “The manifold activities in social media and the great need for information underline that the end consumer is looking for much more than nicely made warehouses with a checkout and cleaning staff. Customers want to immerse themselves in brand worlds and be inspired. They are looking for variety, product availability and customer service. Such activities have to be prepared and planned, and we quickly reach our limits with the traditional business model. The Kinderschuh Ordertage offer a platform for this exchange and for more variety to be introduced into the assortments.”


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