Just in time for the Spielwarenmesse in Nürnberg, the “About Friends” collection will be expanded on 31 January 2018 to include an audio book and a “My Friends” book. The “About Friends” collection by Lässig includes backpacks and other items that are intended to teach children about friendship, cosmopolitanism, and international cohesion. The two new items, however, will only be available in German-speaking countries.

The world is colourful and diverse. Around 10 billion people live on this planet with different religions, cultures, and worldviews. With the “About Friends” collection, the Lässig brand aims to bring children of different nationalities closer to each other.

“I’ll make myself a world that I like”

With the “About Friends” audio book, children will embark on an exciting journey with the animal friends Lou, Bo, Cali, Kaya, and Pau. The audio book is about how the animals could not be more different, but nevertheless get along with each other and would stay friends through thick and thin.

Lässig’s “My Friends” book is intended to nurture children’s creativity in this fast-paced age of digitalisation, and to strengthen children’s personal contacts with their friends. Children can paint, answer questions, and glue photos onto the colourfully designed pages, thus personalising their book.


Never alone again

With the bags and backpacks of the “About Friends” collection, five animal friends accompany the little ones in school or on the playground. The matching accessories include sandwich boxes and water bottles. The animals are depicted in the colours green, purple, yellow, blue, and red to represent the five continents of the earth. The optical differences of the five animals will allow children to become familiar with the diversity of people. The children’s sustainable companions are one-third recycled polyester, which is produced from reprocessed plastic bottles.

“A stranger’s just a friend you haven’t met “

Lässig’s “About Friends” collection will support the Switch children’s project from the voluntary organisation, Kulturbrücke Hamburg e.V. The project’s goal is to promote exchanges and communications between different cultures, so that difference is not seen as something negative but rather as an enrichment.

Children from different nations can get closer to each other through creative activities, thereby discovering each other’s cultural differences. The “Switch” project arranges for four children with different origins to spend one day together in each of their four families.

For families who cannot host children, the “Switch Kids Art” project offers joint activities. Both projects can be summed up by the motto: “A stranger’s just a friend you haven’t met”.

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Image: Lässig