The company Lässig looks back at many years of experience in the children’s fashion market in the field of customer satisfaction. In an interview with Luna Journal, Stefan Lässig, Managing Director, explains the extent to which customer needs differ between online and stationary retail.

You look back at 12 years of company history. With which service have you been able to win customers over?

Right from the start we were able to continuously win customers through the variety of our products, with a sustainable range, with collections, which fill the gaps in the market and that take the customers’ needs into account. Passion, authenticity and optimism make us who we are. Since our foundation our aim has been to offer products that combine quality and design, while specifically paying attention to sustainability, Innovation and a fair production process.

Does your online customer service differ from the one in the stationary trade?

While the stationary trade offers customers mostly a small, fine selection of products from Lässig, our online store shows our entire product range, unusual, innovative products for the whole family. The range includes diaper bags, children’s backpacks and bags, children’s swimwear as well as storage options for the children’s room. Also, fabrics, children’s dishes and accessories for pregnant women and mothers are part of the diverse assortment. We make up for the personal consultation online by offering very detailed product descriptions that answer all questions of the customers. Especially when it comes to the very important and sensitive topic of customer service, Lässig always focuses on the personal things. We reply to every customer inquiry and address the problems of the clients.

How important is the professional consultation for the customer and to what extent do you train your staff in this area?

Consulting is of course very important and the name of the game, especially in the baby industry. Our target groups are expectant or new parents – young families who want to know more about the brands and the product they are about to buy. Many criteria have to be met. It is important that the customer quickly understands what Lässig stands for and what added value our products offer. The flow of information begins internally with regular collection presentations that intensively inform our whole staff. Here, the new products, the materials, the operation, the innovative or sustainable character as well as the associated social projects are presented. We do not only train the sales team, the customer service and the marketing team, but all employees within the company. The entire workforce should be able to identify with our products and know which new products are coming in.

Do you have a specific store concept in stationary retail that is implemented throughout all stores?

As a rule, our stationary retail customers have their own concepts for which we offer individually adapted product worlds and POS solutions. We also offer shop-in-shop concepts or individual modules, high-quality furniture that looks natural and that emphasizes the character of our products. This is very well received by our customers. At the same time, we make sure that our products are presented in harmonious ways. This is where our sales representatives come into play, who are regularly in touch with our B2B customers.

What influence do the product selection and the availability have on the customer’s satisfaction?

Especially the huge variety of our products and the selection of colors and designs enable us to meet (almost) every customer requirement. Availability is not an easy topic. We don’t just have our online shop, but also our B2B customers that have to be considered. We constantly work on satisfying our B2C as well as our B2B customers and on dealing with bottlenecks, which can occur in some products, so that we can bridge the gap faster. Due to our wide assortment it is not always possible to have all items in stock. Our customers are immediately informed online about the availability of the desired product or about the next possible delivery date, if something is currently out of stock.

Do you offer your customers something special, such as bonus programs, discount campaigns, a special shopping experience etc.?

We have seasonally adapted discount campaigns (for example free shipping or bonuses). Customers who have subscribed to our newsletter are regularly informed about these. In our corporate blog, many everyday topics for young and old are addressed, which add value and are about family or the life with children. We are currently also working on the development of a bonus program. Moreover, we surprise our customers with limited editions or exclusive products such as the Yoga Collection “Yoga Love“ by Lässig.

Can you estimate whether and how your pricing policy has a direct impact on the customer satisfaction?

The price is of course always an aspect of the purchase decision. When we manufacture our products, we think about today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Particularly during production, we pay attention to using high-quality materials that are tested for harmful substances, are innovative, certified, recycled or resource-saving and sustainable. Quality also has its price and our target group is willing to pay for it.

How would describe the shopping experience of Lässig for the future?

Lässig is a trustworthy brand in the field of baby and toddler equipment. We are a stable and trustworthy partner, both nationally and internationally. In addition, we plan on entering new distribution channels through the continuous expansion of our product range. Our greatest objective is to accompany parents and children innovatively over many years.


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