The manufacturers are relying on new cinema films: From the beginning of February “The Lego Movie 2” can be seen on the screens. Mattel, on the other hand, plans to bring Barbie to the cinemas with real actors.

Despite streaming services and online portals – cinema is currently experiencing a sales boom around the globe. In 2017, 40.6 billion dollars were spent at the box offices worldwide. This is a new record. In Germany, the most recently measured turnover was 1.06 billion euros, an increase of three percent. So it’s no wonder that toy manufacturers also want to profit from this trend and launch new feature films on the market. “The Lego Movie 2” starts on 7 February. In the continuation of the worldwide successful first part, the heroes from Steinstadt come together again and have to pass adventures in order to save their homeland. Lego has also released a number of new sets. With them, scenes from the new screen adventure around master builder Emmet and the intrepid Lucy can be recreated and played.

Lego fiction sets accompany new feature films and boost sales

Among other things, there will be a spaceship for space chases as well as convertible vehicles and aircraft. The latter, like an off-road vehicle, offer various construction variants. For small children from the age of two there is the set “Visitors from the Lego Duplo Planet”. For bigger brick fans Lego has created the 3178 parts strong set “Welcome to Apokalyptstadt”. This set contains the Statue of Liberty and is one of the most important film locations. As always for new movies, Lego has come up with something special. With the Lego Moviemaker, children from the age of eight can create their own personal film. Various action props can be attached to the frame. Images serve as interchangeable backgrounds. If the smartphone is clamped in the appropriate holder, it can be turned.

Mattel collaborates with Warner Bros.

Mattel also focuses on new feature films. The company recently announced that the first Barbie live-action feature film is to be shot. This is being done in partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures. It is the first deal of Mattel’s newly founded company Mattel Films. The role of Barbie will be played by Oscar-nominated actress Margot Robbie. Ynon Kreiz, Chairman and CEO of Mattel: “Barbie is one of the most famous franchises in the world. We look forward to working with Warner Bros. Pictures and Margot Robbie to bring her to life on the big screen.” He underlines the strategic importance of the new project: “Mattel Films is well on the way to demonstrating the enormous potential of our brand portfolio. This is happening as we continue to implement our strategy of transforming Mattel into an IP-driven, high-performance toy company.”


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