In cooperation with the Danish subsidiary Kabooki, Lego launches the first streetwear collection for adults on the market. The limited edition of streetwear clothing is presented as a pop-up fashion boutique of an augmented reality. The worldwide premiere of the Lego streetwear collection began on 13 February, just in time for the start of Fashion Week in London.

The visitor can enter the pop-up fashion boutique via the smartphone. Here, the customer is shown the new collection of Lego mannequins, which he can buy directly online using the credit card payment method via the integrated “Buy Now” function.

“The idea was developed together with the social media team of licensor Lego in London. Both sides had been waiting in the wings for some time to start a cooperation in the digital sector. Since Lego as a brand usually evokes positive associations among adults, the idea of a small streetwear collection was born that would be combined with a new and innovative customer experience. This shopping opportunity aims to promote the streetwear collection in Germany, France and the UK and to increase the number of visitors to the LegoWear Kidswear e-commerce site”, Birgitte Holgaard Langer, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer of Kabooki.

Lego Streetwear Collection

The adult unisex collection includes a black cap in two sizes, T-shirts in white/grey-melange and sweatshirts in black/grey-melange, available in sizes XS-XXL.

“At the heart of it all is an innovative, playful brand, including exploring new digital channels and technologies. This is a unique opportunity to work with Kabooki and their brand new Limited Edition adult products and explore both the sense of style and nostalgia of this audience – and at the same time open up this new, interesting space where the digital and physical worlds unite,” explains Lea Sandell, Social Media Innovation Lead at Lego Group.

Lego Kidswear Collection

“The presentation in the form of a pop-up fashion boutique of an Augmented Reality is a unique marketing campaign to draw attention to LEGO Wear and also to give adult fans of Lego the opportunity to wear the brand as clothing. Both the children’s collection and the outerwear will continue to be available in the online shop and retail outlets,” Ms. Langer said.


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Link: LegoWear launches first streetwear collection on the market.

Image: LegoWear