Bikkembergs has recently signed a new license agreement with Elisabet for the production and distribution of children’s shoes.

The agreement between the Elisabet Group and Levitas, which controls Bikkembergs and is part of the Chinese Canudilo Group, will begin in the Spring/Summer 2020 season with international distribution, building on Elisabet’s ten years of experience and aiming to redesign the footwear line.

Expansion of the brand portfolio

The new partnership expands Elisabet’s extensive portfolio of brands, licensed or even wholly owned by Elisabet. “Once again, a brand relies on Elisabet’s expertise to increase its national and international competitiveness,” said Lara Vallasciani, CEO of the Elisabet Group: “We are very excited about this new partnership. We believe that Bikkembergs’ ability to appeal to younger consumers with its contemporary style and our industry experience can create a successful union in a market that is certainly not easy, which is an exciting challenge,” said Dario Predonzan, COO of Levitas Spa.

Bikkembergs also for younger consumers

The new agreement with Elisabet enables Bikkembergs to offer the end consumer a product range that covers most categories.


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