The Frankfurt Startup Lillydoo delivers stylish and skin-friendly baby nappies on a subscription basis. Its business model is attracting many investors.

Pecunia non olet – the ancient Romans knew that money doesn’t stink when you’re in the business of getting rid of other people’s daily business. This is still the case today, especially when it comes to the daily business of very small people. Sven Bauer and Gerald Kullack recognised this over a year ago, when they founded Lillydoo GmbH. The two former managers at Pampers manufacturer, Procter & Gamble, have set themselves the task of revolutionising the baby-care market with skin-friendly nappies and wet wipes.

The company delivers directly to your door on request, with flexible subscription models sparing customers a lot of stress and lugging things around. Online, you choose the quantity and frequency of delivery. For a size-4 nappy, for example, you pay €49.50 for 174 items. The subscription runs month to month and can be terminated at any time.

The service is aimed at a young, modern clientele who value ​​a well thought-out and sustainable product, which is friendly to baby’s skin and to the environment. True to the motto “less is more”, the company avoid animal ingredients, perfume and parabens in their production. The Berlin midwife, Sissi Rasche, provides the two childfree entrepreneurs with expertise on what young, modern parents and delicate baby bottoms need. The brand also distinguishes itself from the more established manufacturers in terms of design. “Instead of boring old animal motifs, our nappies are decorated with stylish, cheeky and colourful illustrations,” explains Kullak. In addition, the new baby-care brand promises that its wet wipes are 100% compostable and that its products are manufactured locally in Germany and the EU. The nappies cost about 10% more than those of Pampers.

Several angel investors believe that this concept will work and they are involved in financing the start-up company. Lillydoo has already received a seven-figure sum in the first round of financing. With this support, the company plans to expand its distribution channels, expand into new markets and develop new products. Single-use changing mats, other nappy sizes, and additional care products are scheduled to appear this spring.

Images: Lillydoo