The newcomers to children’s fashion present their collections for Fall/Winter 2017/2018 exclusively in the Luna brand guide. The Luna Lookbook offers an international platform to new high-quality labels to help them compete in the market.

With a quality and versatile creativity visible in their products, these brands have extraordinary potential. This makes them special and helps them to stand out from the large number of new brands.

The craft of the children’s fashion sector

Especially for the young fashion brands, it is difficult to prove themselves in the sector. Often it is the promotional materials that have a lasting impact on the industry. The Luna Lookbook gives the newcomers the chance to present their fashion collections to a global specialist audience.

The Luna brand guide serves as a link between the professional target group and the new brands. This enables the manufacturers to design their own brand presence, while asserting themselves on the market. The labels decide how their presentation should be put together.

Luna Lookbook No.2 – Preview from Luna media Group on Vimeo.

Luna Lookbook – making it possible

The brand guide is not just a branding tool for the industry. It is also a source of inspiration and information about the new and exciting brands.

The fashion labels represented in the Luna Lookbook have been selected after a thorough search. High-quality and innovative labels are therefore in the Luna Lookbook’s DNA.

Lookbook No.2: The new and exciting fashion brands

The second edition of the Luna brand guide includes the City Goals brand. The children’s fashion label specialises in handsome and cute clothes made from certified botanical dyes and organic cotton. The focus is on producing clothes for the little ones without harmful substances, so that the child’s sensitive skin is not damaged or irritated. At the same time, nature is close to the label’s heart. As a result, the clothes are produced and finished without harming the environment.

The fine & josef label designs natural clothing for children and babies. Their signature is printed fabrics in practical cuts inspired by nature’s colours, such as berry and bright leaf green on untreated organic cotton.

Other children’s fashion brands in the Luna Lookbook include: Ginger and Ruby, Hannah & Tiff, I haven’t The Foggiest, Kids on the moon, MABLI, Minimalism, One We Like, Rocket Pear, and Versatil-e.

Luna Lookbook exclusive:

The Lookbook is available in two language editions: English/German and English/Chinese. You can get your copy in selected magazines and bookshops worldwide, at trade fairs, or online at

Images: Andrej Dallmann