The German company Lupaco is now taking off as a climate-neutral company under the management of its founder Eva Corsten. Thus the residents of Munich are considered as the first child model label, which is climaticneutral. Eva Corsten on the company’s visionary plans for the future

Lupaco starts the new ordering season as a climate-neutral company. What exactly does this mean for the consumer?

Nothing changes for the consumer as a result. Our aim is to go through life as environmentally consciously and sustainably as possible and to keep our footprint as low as possible. Above all, we want to pass this on to our children and set an example at an early age. As a company, we see it as our duty to take responsibility and to behave as environmentally consciously as possible and, if not possible, to compensate for this with financial compensation in the form of investments in climate protection.

What led you to make this decision?

We were contacted by the climate initiative “Starnberg Ammersee”. We looked at the documents, had a personal discussion and then decided immediately to join in.

Did this development result in changes in logistics?

No, there have been no changes so far. We are currently having our footprint measured and then need to see how and where we can improve. You also have the opportunity to invest in projects that offset CO2 emissions.

What are the characteristics of the “completely green jacket”?

The “green jacket” is made from 100% recycled material. The fabrics come from Sympatex, the padding comes from Primaloft. The jacket has an extremely high water column, is very warm and yet breathable.

Which insulation material do you use to guarantee protection against cold and water? Where do you get it from?

We have been working exclusively with Primaloft for several years. In winter we only use Primaloft Gold – the most exclusive version of Primaloft. The material is extremely light, very warming and water-repellent. In addition, our outer fabrics have a water column and breathability and the seams are welded.

What other measures do you take to protect the environment?

We ship our online orders with DHL Go Green, have ourselves converted into a climate-neutral company, ride our bikes to work and try to use as little plastic as possible. We live very consciously and try to improve and get involved in this area every day.

In recent years Lupaco has grown progressively under your leadership. In which market do you currently see the greatest potential?

We launched a new season in Scandinavia for Autumn/Winter 2018 and doubled retail orders there for Autumn/Winter 2019 as sales exceeded 90%. Great figures for a label unknown there. We think there is a lot of potential here alongside Germany.

In the international field, you are competing against outdoor brands such as Woolrich or Moncler. How does Lupaco differentiate itself from the competition?

The biggest difference is that LUPACO is waterproof and breathable. Thus, we not only cover the fashion component, but also the functional component.

What do you think of online retailing?

LUPACO is only available in your own online shop or from retailers who also have a stationary shop. We do not sell to pure online retailers. This is mainly due to the fact that we want to keep prices stable and thus avoid a price war. LUPACO is usually not available for sale and for the most part the retail trade also adheres to it. We want to avoid end customers seeking advice from retailers, looking for our product on the Internet and then possibly finding the product cheaper on the Internet. Thus we protect the retail trade and ourselves from the discount fight.


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