According to the 2017 Made-In-Country Index from the market research company Statista, “Made in Germany” is the world’s strongest designation of origin label for goods and services.

For its Made-In-Country Index, the statistics portal Statista worked in collaboration with the market research company Dalia Research to survey some 43,000 consumers in 52 countries. The “Made in Germany” label came first overall, beating Switzerland, the “Made in EU” seal, the UK, Sweden, Canada, and Italy. Japan, France, and the USA share eighth place.

Germany was the top choice for consumers in 13 countries. German products are particularly popular with consumers in the categories of “high quality” and “compliance with safety standards”. Switzerland, on the other hand, stands out above all with the attributes of “status symbol” and “authenticity”, while Italy is valued in the category “design”.

Infografik: Die Welt liebt

Images: pixabay, Statista