In January, Margherita Kids will present its collection for the first time at the MARKET by kleine fabriek in Amsterdam. The still young brand addresses the natural creativity of the little ones and comes in beautiful colors. The significant style of the Italian designer, which comes from the famous Missoni family, is also reflected in the new collection.

The MARKET by kleine fabriek in Amsterdam will, therefore, be the first fair of the year on which Margherita Kids presents its pieces. The colorful spring collection is characterized by unique patterns and silhouettes. These include a floral-patterned raincoat, a retro-cool bomber jacket with a butterfly print and denim pieces inspired by the 90s. Glitter elements, the use of linen and playful ruffle elements accentuate the collection which is in the affordable price segment.

Margherita Missoni: “I created Margherita Kids as an outlet that brings together my background in fashion and my experiences: the things I’ve seen, the people I’ve met, the places I’ve been. I’ve always had a creative instinct and as a mother of two children, I understand the desire for childrenswear to be beautiful as well as playful and I hope this brand will inspire parents and children to nurture their own creative impulses.”

All images: Margherita Kids