MDR Broadcasting Council to award the 2018 Children’s Online Prize

For the fifth time, the MDR Broadcasting Council will award the Children’s Online Prize for outstanding contributions and websites for children and young people. The deadline for submission is 31 October 2017.

The six-member jury attaches particular importance to child-friendly, nonviolent, understandable, and educational content. The submitted concepts are intended to promote humanistic thought and respect for human dignity.

The winners’ websites will be published on the MDR website. The prize will be presented at the 2018 Leipzig Book Fair. In addition to the award, the winner will receive a prize of 6000 euros.

The jury will decide the competition winner. The jury comprises three members of the MDR Broadcasting Council (each from the three contracting states of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, and Thuringia) and three online experts based in the MDR broadcasting area.

Children get their own voice

After the end of the application period, children from the broadcasting area can vote online at: : The victor chosen by the children will be considered as the judgement of a seventh jury member.

The countdown has begun

Online offerings are eligible for the competition if they are available online during the call for applications. The conditions for participating can be found on the MDR website. Applications, including the website address, can be sent to


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