“Lifestyle Iran” will take place for the first time from 5 – 8 December 2018 at the Fars International Permanent exhibition grounds in Shiraz. Luna Journal spoke to Peter Schmitz, Director Official Participations at Messe Düsseldorf, about the special features of the fashion trade fair and the conceptual idea behind it.

How did you come up with the idea of setting up a fashion fair in Iran in cooperation with the Igedo Company?

In Iran, great importance is generally attached to a cultivated appearance. There is also growing interest in fashion from the high-fashion sector and in the other segments. A growing class becomes visible and can also afford it. The desire for fashion is enormous. This can be seen clearly in the streetscape of Shiraz, but also in the other centers of the country. Large labels such as Wolfgang Joop in Tehran are now represented, Mango has even launched a female fashion collection for the fasting month of Ramadan and DKNY designs clothing according to Islamic regulations.

Similarly, the easing of economic sanctions is generally expected to significantly boost trade relations with Iran. Industry experts anticipate increasing demand in all fashion segments. These are positive conditions for Messe Düsseldorf to launch another trade fair in Iran.

What is the conceptual idea behind it?

The expertise of our long-standing cooperation with IGEDO Company in organising international fashion fairs, e.g. the Collection Première Moskau (CPM), has led us to develop such a format for the Iranian market. We intend to serve what the Iranian market demands and to address exhibitors in the high fashion and luxury segment as well as in the area of clothing for everyday use.

Which visitors targets the fair?

Lifestyle Iran is aimed at: Boutiques, full range suppliers, department store chains, department stores, shopping malls, online shops, wholesale stores, concept stores, sales agencies, distributors, pre-suppliers, manufacturers, designers, agencies and representatives.

What awaits the visitors of the fashion fair “Lifestyle Iran”?

The focus is on clothing, accessories and shoes for women, men and children.

What will the area distribution be like?

Around one third of the space will be occupied by exhibitors addressed via IGEDO Company and around two thirds will be acquired via the Iranian partner company BRP Co. – Barsaz Rooydad Pars.

What other trends can be expected at the fair?

This depends, of course, on which exhibitors will take part in “Lifestyle Iran”. We hope that there will also be a representative offer from the high-fashion sector because there is a growing market for this in Iran.

How does “Lifestyle Iran” differ from other fashion fairs?  What do the fashion areas for the Islamic region look like?

Fashion is presented in the Islamic area with respect to the conditions and customs of the region. Together with our Iranian partner we will inform the exhibitors about possibilities and general conditions and advise them accordingly.

Will there be a supporting program (lectures, fashion shows etc.)?

A supporting program is planned. What can already be implemented at the first event is still to be decided. All this, of course, with respect for the host country and respect for local cultural traditions.

What are the advantages of the chosen location for the trade fair?

We decided to choose Shiraz as the location because of the recommendation of our local partner. The city’s modern streetscape with its almost Mediterranean flair is ideal for a fashion trade fair.

Messe Düsseldorf Group & Igedo Company launch "Lifestyle Iran" fashion fair
Peter Schmitz, Director Official Participations at Messe Düsseldorf


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Link: www.lifestyleiran.com

Image: Messe Düsseldorf – Peter Schmitz