The founders Karin Haller, Leonie Jodat and Rosa Pöttinger have launched the new Shop Up Festival “minikri for beautiful baby and children’s things”. From 5 to 6 May 2018, the Wizemann site in Stuttgart will open its doors for the first time. Luna Journal spoke with the organizers about the fair festival and the future plans.

How did you come up with that name? And what is the idea behind your concept?

Rosa Pöttinger, Leonie Jodat and Karin Haller: “Minikri” is a fantasy name. Basically, we are a large concept or pop-up shop: We call it “Shop-Up-Festival for beautiful baby and children’s things”. We curate the brands and products, turn shopping into an experience and a family happening and offer not only selected products but also a colorful supporting programme.

Who is behind the trade fair format?

We are friends and colleagues of six children. We were often looking for things that were not only practical but also beautiful – and in the best case produced under fair conditions, sustainable and pedagogically valuable. Since it wasn’t so easy to find this combination until now, or only at a few small stores, we thought that many other parents and grandparents probably feel the same way.

Rosa Pöttinger is the mother of two girls – Lilli (11) and Fanny (8). Interior designer, active in the fashion and lifestyle industry and promoter of Fest Versprochen.

Leonie Jodat is the mom of Milla (4) and Liv (1). Eonomist and for 10 years in the automotive, fashion and lifestyle industry.

Karin Haller is a mom of two teens, Amelie (13) and Leni (12). Fashion designer, social media manager and promoter of Fest Versprochen.

Whomwould you like to offer a platform to with the Minikri?

There are so many great, creative brands, designers, stores and service providers out there for whom we want to offer a platform, newcomer labels as well as the best in the industry. Onliner, which go “stationary” with us for the first time and start-ups, which became known so far only by Social Media .

Families are also welcome. How do you attract them to the fair?

On the two days of the event, shopping is not the only focus. There is something for all family members.

Young visitors can glue, do handicrafts and work according to ideas by Andrea Potocki from WLKMNDYS in the Kreativkios.

Creative works are also created at Fine & Josef – kids can print their own bag here. In addition, the mini flash tattoos can be made by Karin Lubenau (join in). Unique, small and unique pieces. Not for eternity, but for a great weekend!

And if the grown-ups also need a break from shopping, Coscoon offers a DIY LipBalm for young and old. 100% organic, 100% lovely. Play in the play area under the loving guidance of the children’s suite. A Jupidu slide, a minibe ball pit, a BRIO track and even more exciting things are waiting the minis there. And also the diapers and the buggy can stay at home. The changing area is perfectly equipped by eco by Naty and Recaro provides a whole fleet of buggies at the entrance.

The minis can make their first attempts on the snowboard in the
Burton Riglet Park. In the LUNA Photocaravan, funny snapshots of the whole family are taken. And those who have a little more patience can be portrayed in the paint me box. While there is candy floss and delicious ice cream for the bigger gids, the little ones can try Little Leaf’s new organic baby food. …face painting, poppcorn, balloons, snacks & drinks and much more!

Which bloggers can be expected?

We are in contact with many bloggers and are very, very grateful for the great reports and interviews about us – e.g. My two dots, HOI Berlin, We like Mondays, Mutti so yeah, Minimenschlein, Little Years, Mummymag. Unfortunately Stuttgart is not “around the corner” for many people, so we ourselves are curious who will make the trip to Stuttgart!

How many bookings have been made so far? Which well-known brands will be among the exhibitors?

We are happy to have filled the halls with many fantastic brands and stores – including Booboobootique, Bonavi, Small&Tiny, Trybike, Kleine Prints, &me, Lalou, Fine&Josef, Mercie Marie, Steybe and many more.

Is there a guideline for the products of the exhibitors?

There are no guidelines in this sense – but we have to stand behind both the product and the company. Of course we choose according to criteria such as sustainability and design – but we don’t want to be dogmatic.

Who are your cooperation partners?

Our cooperation partners are: LUNA, Süddeutsche Zeitung Familie, ECO by NAty, Booboobootique, Motchis, Villervalla, Bellybutton and Marc’O Polo Junior.

There’s gonna be a speaker’s corner. To whom are the lectures addressed and which topics are dealt with?

The speeches are addressed to parents. There will also be a reading lesson for children.

In addition to visual input from the shop-up festival, our speakers provide spiritual input on current topics that move us during our mini-talks: Gunda Tibelius, sports scientist and mental and communication trainer, will give a lecture on “Survival strategies for the daily mummy madness”. Nicole Haller, a non-medical practitioner from “Quelle der Gesundheit”, will speak on the topic of “Bowel Health and Nutrition for Babies and Infants”. The media pedagogue Benjamin Thull from the State Institute for Communication in Stuttgart will give a speech on “Supporting and competently accompanying children in dealing with the media”. Visitors can obtain general information on the most important medication from the pharmacist Sarah Wessinger. Brain fitness expert Heidrun Link offers stress-reduced brain fitness training for the whole family to relax.

What will the area distribution be like? Which spatial concept will there be? How can one imagine the structure of the individual booths?

We have a very open and individual booth concept – no prefabricated standardised back wall modules or trade fair furniture. Each booth stands for itself and forms a small pop-up shop. We attach great importance to a great atmosphere.

How often should the fair festival take place in the future? To what extent is this to be expanded?

In the future we will be able to present the Shop-Up-Festival at least once a year in Stuttgart. But of course we have already thought of a roll-out to other (big) cities. We plan this after the first minikri.


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