NAMASTÉ – Pierrot La Lune and human unity

After a three-year break, Pierrot La Lune returns to CIFF KIDS as an exhibitor with an expressive S/S 18 collection. The message of the “we are one” collection: “Deep inside, we are all one and connected”. Founder and designer Emilie Ventujol spoke with Luna Journal about values and markets.

Emilie Ventujol

Emilie Ventujol

Luna Journal: The first collection of Pierrot La Lune was launched in summer 2014. Since that time, the brand awareness has grown steadily. In particular, the label’s unmistakable style is very much in demand internationally. What would you say is your brand identity?

Emilie Ventujol: Organic fashion, clearly. However, we are far more than just an organic label. Of course, we are 100% sustainable and work exclusively with GOTS-certified fabrics, but we also design high-end fashion. We see ourselves as a label for timeless and long-lasting designs.

In many ways, sustainable thinking is still not something that is self-evident for everyone. What are the intentions behind your brand values ​?

We do it all in the hope of inspiring consumers to consume less and to appreciate good quality. We want customers to appreciate organic fashion, but also to understand that quality costs money. As a result, buy less, but buy more consciously.

You are taking part in CIFF KIDS for the second time this summer after a short break. Why is that?

Right, we were there for the first time with our S/S 2015 collection and had good results. However, we subsequently invested more in other markets and in our online marketing. Now we have a new sales team and found that attending the fair would help us address the Scandinavian market. More than anything, that’s because we are more well-known outside Denmark and therefore we want to focus on our home market and on Scandinavia.

What do you expect from CIFF KIDS?

Many new customers and to be perceived as a serious player in the Danish children’s fashion industry.

In which markets are you already represented?

Norway, USA, Korea, UK, Denmark, and Japan.

Can you tell us something about the background of the SS18 collection?

The collection is called “we are one”. It refers to the meaning behind “Namaste”, the beautiful term of greeting in India.

Thank you for the interview.


Image: Pierrot La Lune S/S 18


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