Unplug & Play: name it launches a campaign to increase physical activity

The Danish label name it, wants to encourage today’s children to run around and play. The “Unplug & Play” campaign provides children with so-called activity cards, which can be downloaded free of charge from the company’s homepage. These activity cards are intended to counteract children’s strong digital habits and get them moving again.

It is one of the big trends in the toy sector: “Body & Mind”, as it’s termed by the toy trade fair, seeks to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle for the little ones, using toys to encourage physical activity.The textile manufacturer, name it, is responding accordingly as part of its spring 2017 collection. This collection is accompanied by the “Unplug & Play” campaign, which seeks to motivate children to get away from digital media and out into the fresh air to really play. For 9 weeks, children will be able to download from the company’s website a total of 36 different activity cards with instructions and ideas for games, handicrafts, DIYs, recipes, and costumes. In addition, various bloggers will be supporting the campaign.

Grazed knees, covered in paint, playing in the mud

name it

“With name it, fun is at the heart of the designs, so that they’re always suited to the everyday lives of children – children play, explore, run riot, and get messy. We really believe that today’s children should develop their physical senses, such as touch, smell, and taste, even if that means a few grazed knees, getting covered in paint, or playing in the mud. By bringing back games, handicrafts, and other elements from the past, we can help children become mature and multi-skilled people,” says Trine Ørskov, marketing and communication manager at Kindermarke.


The “Unplug & Play” campaign started on 2 February and runs until 31 March. During this time, the free ideas can be downloaded from:

Facebook: /nameit
YouTube: name it Kids Fashion


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