The finger paints and kneading of the start-up Neogrün from Saxony-Anhalt are now officially certified organic. The toys are the first to be awarded the Nature Care product quality seal.

In the last few months plasticine has often made a bad name for itself. The Oekotest experts took a close look at 14 kneading materials. Only three of them were free of questionable or controversial ingredients. What can retailers and parents rely on to offer safe products? The Nature Care product quality seal is intended to help. It was designed by the “Society for applied business ethics” (GfaW) in 2014. The aim is to label organic products that do not originate from the cosmetics or food sectors. Consumers should be able to see at a glance that a product originates from ecological raw materials and is produced as sustainably as possible. So far, chemical-free insect repellents, organic cleaning agents and ecological leather care products have been NCP-certified. With Neogrün finger paints and modelling clay, the first toys have now been awarded the Nature Care product quality seal.

The Nature Care Product Quality Seal is intended to help consumers

Thus the start-up Neogrün commits itself to observe numerous criteria. Among other things, the toys may only contain ingredients of natural plant and animal origin. Furthermore companies have produce without microplastics, genetic engineering, silicones and animal experiments. Environmentally friendly packaging is required. Neogrün only uses absolutely necessary packaging. The material is 100 percent recyclable. The dough is packed in cardboard boxes without plastic blisters. The toys themselves consist of natural ingredients and are completely biodegradable.

GfaW as a seal provider pursues two goals with the NCP seal of approval. “With the NCP seal we give consumers the opportunity to avoid plasticizers, microplastics and other hazardous substances in everyday life and to fall back on ecological alternatives,” says Deputy GfaW Managing Director Sophie v. Lilienfeld-Toal. On the other hand, the Nature Care product quality seal supports the companies’ brand communication: “Only ecological products that meet the highest quality criteria receive the NCP seal. Manufacturers thus send a clear signal to the consumer”.

Many parents want to know what their children come into contact with

According to the “Society for applied business ethics”, this signal is particularly important for more and more parents when it comes to toys. They wanted to know the ingredients of the respective products. Especially in the case of toys with which children come into intensive contact, it must be impossible for dangerous components to get into the body.

According to GfaW, there are still few legal requirements or indications as to whether a toy is really harmless. The EU Toy Directive EN 71 regulates the approved components and their maximum proportions, but does not guarantee that a toy is completely free of harmful substances. With the Nature Care product quality seal, the organisation wants to offer parents and families orientation that goes far beyond these specifications. The standard is thus intended to close a regulatory gap in the non-food sector.


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Link: The kneading and finger paints of the start-up company neogrün were the first toys to receive the Nature Care product quality seal

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