In the twinkling of an eye, used goods are sold and old treasures make new owners happy. With a layout inspired by Instagram and a thought inspired by sustainability and environmental protection, the app Tise sets new standards in vintage shopping.

Shoot a photo, post in the Tise account, sell with a few clicks and discover new favorites in the Tise Feed. The app convinced with this simple but effective concept. In Norway, the country of birth, the app is now extremely popular with more than 600,000 members. And also in Sweden, so-called “Tiser” have been buying and selling vintage clothes, furniture, used electronics and other items since last year. Now the app is also available on the German market.

Sustainable fashion – the trend is growing

“The trend towards sustainability is growing steadily and our consumer behaviour should adapt to this trend. With Tise, we are fighting against the one-time use of products and the throw-away mentality. We are committed to sustainable consumption. Our focus is on providing users with a platform on which they can themselves contribute to protecting the environment,” says Country Manager Tise Germany, Simon Birkenfeld.

Turning old into new: The shopping app Tise focuses entirely on sustainability.


How Tise works

In addition to the purchase and sales functions on your own account and in the personalized feed, “Tises” (items offered on Tise) can be clicked, commented on and shared. Tisers can follow each other and chat easily via the app. Another highlight is the “Shop Stop”. This function gives an overview of how much money, CO2 emissions, water and environmentally harmful chemicals are saved in a certain period of time by not buying new clothing.

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picture: tise / Lotte Thor