The maternity fashion retailer bellybutton has launched a new care product in the previous week. The “Hitzefrei Deo Roll-On“ for pregnant women and moms is adapted to mom’s and moms-to-be’s daily life and offers soft protection free from mineral oils, silicones, colorings, parabens, PEG’s and animal raw materials – corresponding to the quality standards of bellybutton.

All mom care products form bellybutton are adapted for the stressed skin of pregnant women and mothers. The products are to grant the ideal protection during pregnancy as well as in the time afterwards, improve the complexion and create a smooth skin. For the ideal product development of the skincare range, bellybutton closely cooperates with experts and, on top of that, banks on its own experience and expertise in the field of natural cellular cosmetics.

The new “Hitzefrei Deo Roll-On“ for pregnant women and mothers offers mild and reliable deo protection with a subtle scent. The deodorant does not contain any aluminum salts and no alcohol and the skin tolerance was dermatologically and clinically confirmed. The formula, which, among others, contains Argan stem cells, is based on a creamy-caring texture and can easily be used after shaving and on sensitive skin. The “Hitzefrei Deo Roll-On“ costs € 2.99 in stores.

Image: © bellybutton