In 2012, Carletto AG secured the rights to the Glubschis brand. Carletto AG now acts as the rights provider for the newly developed Glubschis line of Nici GmbH.

Thomas Pfau, CEO of Nici, explains: “We are looking forward to successively adding contours and a philosophy to the Glubschis brand, whereby the individual characters will gain in profile, originality, play value and charm.

Nici GmbH launches Glubschi’s product line

In the second half of 2020 for the national sales launch, Nici GmbH will launch a Glubschis product line consisting of 32 articles. The product portfolio includes key rings with different characters as well as “plushes” with swing legs, which will appear on the market in two sizes (15 and 25 centimeters). The first collection will consist of 22 new Glubschi characters for young and old.

Furthermore, the new characters of the Glubschi family have their own names and a motto, which can be found on a Hang Day. The aim is to support the collector’s passion. The new Glubschi Plüschi series also has an EAN code tag, which is signed with a color dot (yellow, red and blue). The marking is intended to enable the product to be allocated to a price group, offering the trade the greatest possible flexibility in pricing, taking into account its own sales and margin targets.


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Link: With immediate effect, Nici is acting as rights provider for the newly developed Glubschis line.

Image: Nici/Carletto