nikimotion with 3-wheel Autofold and further innovations at Kind + Jugend

More individuality in the new season: before the start of the Kind + Jugend trade fair in Cologne, nikimotion presents the 3-wheel Autofold. The pushchair manufacturer is thus building on the successful “Autofold” model, adding a 3-wheel version – the most manoeuvrable of the nikimotion models to date.

Thomas Reiter founded nikimotion about five years ago. The original idea was to use the perfect folding techniques used for golf equipment, more specifically from the market leader “BIG MAX Golf”, which specialises in folding trolleys. A team of German, American, Austrian, and Taiwanese designers applied this know-how to a pushchair. In addition to laboratory tests, test drives, and compliance with the EN standards, all nikimotion products offer an extended warranty of up to 5 years.

With the “3-wheel-Autofold” model, the company has launched a pushchair that, thanks to its three wheels, works off-road and on asphalt. The pushchair offers a solution to an everyday problem caused by narrow doors and tight passes. It can also be steered in all directions with just one hand.

The new colour concept is also innovative. Here, customers can choose from twelve (rather than the previous eight) tones. nikimotion was inspired by nature for its new linen collection, with the colours “Grey Blue”, “Camel”, “Forest”, and “Graphite”. However, the tried and trusted jersey and twill collections will remain available.

In addition to the black frame available to date, the company will now offer a “Snow-White” variant. Technically, however, the chassis remains unchanged. The patented folding technology continues to occupy as little space as possible. Now parents can choose from up to 24 colour combinations (twelve fabric colours and two frame colours).

Images: nikimotion


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