Outstanding quality, simple design and fair production are qualities that are very important for most customers – particularly if the equipment of their children is concerned. Nordic Coast Company claims to provide the combinations of these qualities and many more criteria, thus making their customer base grow constantly.

The complete collection is checked according to functionality and comfort. The product range includes textile basic equipment, baby sleeping bags, children’s bed linings, canopies and interior accessories, such as baby’s change mats, laminated bibs and practical gift boxes. All products are designed simply and have maritime names as Salt White, Nordic White, Sand Beige or Stone Grey. Due to its consistent colour palette, it is easy to combine the pieces. Being a mother herself, Trixi Oppenhäuser knows what is relevant when designing kids’ products.

Additionally, the website appeals to the customers’ emotional commitment. Besides her everyday business, the working mum provides valuable digital advice and tipps regarding maternity, parenthood or interior. There are also bedtime stories and free basic-equipment lists available for download. The young company is very active in the social media as well in order to keep in touch with its customers. Such allround service offered by Nordic Coast Company creates authenticity and strengthens customer loyalty. The company offers its collections in different online-shops as well as in some local shops. Due to its amazing online presence it is able to keep up with the service that is only known from retail. Trixi Oppenhäuser also has ambitious plans for the future. She wants to keep on developing new digital formats. A positive feedback and the very low amount of returns encourage her to continue with this innovative concept.


Featured Image: ©Nordic Coast Company