What is childhood today? Never before have children had so many opportunities to shape their lives and give free rein to all their creativity and ideas. The future is also being considered though. The most important keyword here: sustainability

Emerging young children’s fashion brands are dealing with this particularly intensively and are constantly bringing new innovations to the market. Driven by the desire to change something, they choose how and where they work instead of chaining themselves to complicated production processes. Creativity plays an important role here and is one of the most important sources of inspiration for opening up new markets.

New exciting children’s fashion brands

In the new fall / winter 2018/19 issue of Luna Lookbook you will find the latest collections of exciting young brands. Let them inspire you and go on a creative journey to discover the most beautiful looks of the season. The trend theme number one is still unobstrusive and natural earthy colours. But “Minimalism”, “Ziggy Stardust” and “Alice in Wonderland” will also play a major role in fall / winter 2018/19. The new shapes and cuts are also matching, sometimes quite simple and straightforward and sometimes quite girlishly playful. The motto is: Everything is possible but not a must.

Luna Lookbook No. 4

For the fourth time now, the Luna media Group presents the Luna Lookbook with up-and-coming and unique children’s fashion brands and their designers. Sold internationally and represented at all important children’s fashion fairs and events, the Lookbook gives you the greatest possible attention on the market.


Link: www.lunalookbook.com

Image: Luna media Group