Mother’s milk is not only healthy for the baby. According to a study, commissioned by Medela, breastfeeding also protects against various health risks in mothers.

Many parents and experts agree that mother’s milk is the best for the baby. The food source contains everything a baby needs for a healthy development. At the same time, it protects against chronic diseases and infections.

Mothers also benefit from breastfeeding in various ways. Not only that the intimate skin contact, the stimulation of the nipples and the sucking release the hormones oxytocin and prolactin in the woman and have a soothing and mood elevating effect. Also the stress hormone cortisol is reduced through the process of breastfeeding which has a positive effect on the blood pressure.

High levels of estrogen can promote the development of cancer cells in the cervix, breast and ovaries. Scientists found that breastfeeding inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Since estrogen levels are lower than usual during pregnancy and breastfeeding, cancer risk is reduced.

The protection for mothers increases depending on how long she breastfeeds. In 50.000 breast cancer patients in over 47 studies, a close connection with the duration of breastfeeding was shown. The risk to get a tumor, which has already migrated, decreases by 4.3 per cent per twelve months in the life of a woman.

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