In its January issue, Öko-Test is investigating several children’s jeans, including well-known manufacturers such as Sanetta or Hess Natur. Not only potential pollutants were tested but also how well the suppliers know about their supply chains and what efforts they show in order to ensure a minimum of social and safety standards in the subcontractors’ firms.

Among others, the consumer magazine examined the ingredients dyes, formaldehydes, optical brighteners, organic halogen compounds, strong environmental toxins as well as rub fastness. Regarding the social factors the transparency in terms of controls, origin of cotton, inadequate supporting documents, core labor standards and statutory minimum wages, control of labor safety in the factories and GOTS seal were examined.

The jeans of the manufacturer Band of Rascals did best, with the overall rating “good”. It is followed by the pants of the manufacturers Eat Ants, dark blue (Sanetta), Kiki & Koko jeans, denimblue, Tom Tailor, cozy jersey lined tim denim and Tropolino girls jeans with the overall rating “satisfactory”.

The children’s jeans of the manufacturers, who hardly or not at all responded to the questions concerning the production conditions and, on top of that, tested positive for pollutants like the Zara Girls Slim Jeans, dark blue, Jako-O Jeans normal, dark blue denim, the Primark denim Co. Girls Skinny, Indigo, Palomino The Denim Jeans Super Skinny, Organic, Living Crafts Jeans indigo, Organic, Lego Wear Creative 502 Jeans Slim Fit and s.Oliver Jeans Brad Slim Fit, were marked as “unsatisfactory”.