Advertorial: Even more driving fun for parents with UPPAbaby! Extended functions, high-quality textiles and new designs make the VISTA and CRUZ strollers even more appealing. The entire range can be discovered at the Kind + Jugend.

At the Kind + Jugend, the entire product range of the American manufacturer UPPAbaby for the coming year 2020 can be discovered up close. This also includes product upgrades and new designs for the premium strollers VISTA and CRUZ.

Strollers that inspire with design and function

UPPAbaby stands for imaginative and functional premium products that convince in every respect. Lauren and Bob Monahan, the founders of UPPAbaby and parents themselves, have been contributing their many years of experience in product development and design to the company since the beginning. Just before the birth of its second child, the couple was looking for a suitable stroller with no success. Without further ado, they developed their very own stroller: one that would make parents’ everyday lives easier and at the same time be of high quality, flexible and well thought-out. UPPAbaby was founded in 2006. Today the company employs more than 100 people, its products are sold in 53 countries worldwide and the company is winning more and more parents for itself as well as for its products.

In the next few days UPPAbaby will present the latest product upgrades and designs at the Kind + Jugend in Cologne. All products, whether strollers or car seats, have one thing in common: top quality, ingenious functionality, extraordinary comfort and flexibility.

The all-round talent: VISTA V2

A stroller for any occasion: UPPAbaby’s VISTA ensures that parents move forward. No matter what life has in store and no matter if 1, 2 or 3 children. Owing to its intuitive design, the stroller is easy to collapse, has numerous possible combinations and the best thing about it is that each individual feature of the stroller can be operated with just one movement.

An improved, shock-absorbing wheel suspensionand soft, springy wheels make the pushing of the VISTA V2 a pleasure on any surface. However, it is not only the improved driving characteristics that make parents and children’s hearts beat faster. This is also ensured by an extension of the extendable sun canopyon the sports seat and the RumbleSeat. Owing to lateral mesh inserts, a sufficient supply of oxygen is guaranteed to prevent dangerous heat accumulation at any time. From now on, parents can also adjust the Harness to the height of the growing child with a single hand movement, both in the toddler seat and in the RumbleSeat: tighten and loosen without having to thread the belts back in.

Compact and greater than ever: the CRUZ V2

UPPAbaby’s CRUZ has a slim frame and is ideal for easily getting through narrow doors or corridors. Thanks to its maneuverability, one can effortlessly take the stroller on the bus or train. Just the right thing for parents who love big cities. The CRUZ is easy to collapse, e.g. for a short break in a coffee shop. The CRUZ V2 is the compact stroller solution with which parents can master their everyday family life without compromise.

A completely new design and new functions contribute to the improved handling: The new dual rear suspension and front suspension provide anideal suspensionon any surface. The larger wheels of the CRUZ V2 also contribute to this and make driving over uneven terrain even more comfortable for the child in the stroller.

Small, smaller, the folding size of the CRUZ V2: The stroller can be collapsed with one hand movement – even when the sports seat is integrated into the stroller. The folding size is even smaller than the one of its predecessor. This is possible although the toddler seat is even larger than before: children weighing up to 22 kgwill be able to sit here. An extended back front, an extended leg rest and a deeper footrest offer additional comfort for growing children.

The range presents fresh colors

The VISTA V2 and the CRUZ V2 are also optically convincing in the fast lane! The color palette satisfies all customer requirements. Absolutely in fashion, with an eye for detail, new colors complement the well-known colors of the bestseller UPPAbaby. New to the range: ALICE (a soft pink), FINN (a bright petrol blue), HAZEL (a strong olive-green) and SIERRA (beige with a pattern).

Besides the possibility to check out, touch and test-drive the VISTA V2 and the CRUZ 2 stroller, the MINU buggy, the MESA i-SIZE child car seat and an extensive selection of various accessories will be presented by UPPAbaby at the Kind + Jugend, Stand E010 F011 in Hall 10.2.



Image: UPPAbaby