The French children’s fashion brand Okaïdi takes its commitment to sustainability to the next level. Since 2008, the company has been offering Love Bags – bags made of 100 percent recycled materials in which customers can return their used clothes and shoes to the stores. The recycling expert I: CO is now supporting Okaïdi when it comes to logistics.

The I: Collect GmbH, or I: CO in short, is an international service provider for the collection, reuse and recycling of textiles and shoes. The company organizes the transport of Love Bags to the nearest sorting plant for Okaïdi. There, the clothing is sorted and evaluated according to the international waste hierarchy. The following applies: re-use before recycling. Products that are still wearable are given a second life as second-hand goods. Clothing that is no longer wearable, is recycled and processed into products for other industries – such as insulation materials for the automotive industry, cleaning cloths, paint fleece or even new clothing in some cases.

Used clothing of any brand can be returned to the stores

In the Love Bags, parents and children can hand in their used clothing and shoes – regardless of the brand – in a clean, dry condition in any participating Okaïdi, Obaïbi and IDKIDS.COMMUNITY branch in Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Poland and Luxembourg.

Séverine Mareels, Quality, Ecodesign and Sustainable Purchasing Director Okaïdi – Obaïbi: “Thanks to the Love Bags, it has become natural to our customers to give a second life to the clothes their children outgrew. Establishing this permanent solution in different countries with the help of I: CO is a new milestone for us. A step that fits in perfectly with our overarching initiative for the future which aims to ensure sustainability in design, manufacturing processes and customer behavior.”

Okaïdi with further resource-saving measures

The Love Bag initiative is one of several building blocks that help Okaïdi to achieve a more responsible approach. In 2017, 62 percent of all coats in the Okaïdi Obaïbi collection were lined with this material. In addition, the company is committed to using only sustainable cotton by 2020. In addition, Okaïdi encourages ecological transport with lower CO2 emissions, such as shipping or trucks running on renewable fuel. In addition, 90 percent of packaging waste is recycled in the logistics center.


Image:  Okaïdi-Obaïbi/ICO