Convenience and speed of payment methods are important to ensure that purchases are not abandoned. The new EHI study shows: Amazon Pay plays an important role for many webshops.

111 online merchants – including Pureplayer and Omnichannler – were surveyed by the research institute EHI for its study “Online Payment 2018”. These shops have a net turnover of 18.7 billion euros – it is clear that the topic of payment plays an important role. Above all, the considerations revolve around the question of how the abandonment rates for online shopping can be kept as low as possible. Amazon Pay seems to raise particularly high hopes. With this service of the online giant, customers can also shop on external websites with the payment and shipping information stored in the Amazon account. According to EHI, this payment option seems to convince despite high fees due to a lower purchase abandonment. 21 percent of the online merchants surveyed plan to use Amazon Pay in their shops in the near future.

Vouchers rank 2nd after Amazon Pay

the second place among the payment services that companies want to introduce by 2019 almost seems a bit classic. 17 percent of retailers plan to use vouchers for payment. These are popular as gifts or marketing measures and a real source of sales for the trade. According to estimations of GfK, at Christmas in 2017 vouchers with an amount of around EUR 1.8 billion could be found under German Christmas trees. It is all too understandable that more should be paid with it in the World Wide Web. Another 14 percent of the surveyed study participants would like to integrate the payment methods payment upon collection, direct payment, direct debit, direct withdrawal and installment/financing with payment guarantee into the payment mix.

Many online merchants check cash payment options

Interesting: For every tenth online merchant, the possibility of paying in cash is a serious option. Here the customer orders his goods online and then pays at the checkout of a stationary shop with payment services such as cash payments or Barpay. The dealer will not ship the goods until he has received the information about the receipt of payment. The customer does not have to enter any account data. This will make the boundaries between online trading and stationary business even more open. Many entrepreneurs see mobile payment as a general trend. For 58 percent of the entrepreneurs surveyed, the topic of numbers with the smartphone is of great importance. This payment sector is recording remarkable growth rates of 52.9 billion dollars worldwide in 2010 to an estimated 721.4 billion dollars last year.

Crypto currencies are not an option

Convenience and variety in the payment mix are top priorities for merchants. Last year, on the other hand, it was still the fast payment. At the time, around 54 percent of the retailers surveyed rated the option of express checkout as very important. This has changed though. Topics such as mobile payment, omnichannel payment, risk management and optimization of the payment mix are more important for merchants. “In order not to lose the customer at the check-out, a fast payment process is a must-have for online shops. However, online shoppers are still using the service very modestly, which can explain the decline in the importance ranking,” says online payment expert Caroline Coelsch from EHI. Crypto currencies play absolutely no role in the payment options. None of the dealers surveyed accepts payment such as Bitcoin and the like. 77 percent of those surveyed rate this type of payment method as too unsafe.


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