Online marketplaces are an important business module for many retailers. According to a recent survey, 42 percent of stationary shop owners generate the bulk of their sales online.

For the analysis, the consulting Institute ECC and eBay asked around 200 companies. The results clearly reflect the growing importance of online trading. According to initial estimates by the German E-Commerce Trade Association, 63.9 billion euros are to be generated online this year. That would be an increase of 9.3 percent over the previous year. To profit from this, more and more traditional retailers are also going online with their business. Special importance is attached to online platforms. Compared to a completely own webshop, the investments are first of all manageable and the dealers profit from the image and degree of awareness of the platform. For 84 percent of those surveyed, online marketplaces strengthen stationary trade because they open up new groups of buyers. For 82 percent they offer an additional sales channel and for 77 percent they increase visibility on the Internet.

Almost every fifth can only get his or her shop through online marketplaces

The importance of online presence is enormous. The results show that stationary shop owners can benefit from sales via online marketplaces. In many cases, the website even makes a major contribution to business success. 42 percent of the dealers surveyed already generate the majority of their sales via online marketplaces. 18 percent even stated that they can only maintain their stationary business through their activity in online marketplaces. The market data proves them right in their strategy. This is because online retailing is recording significantly stronger growth rates than traditional retailing. The turnover in the digital shopping universe has risen by ten percent and this year’s turnover is estimated at 53.4 billion euros. Retail in the narrower sense, on the other hand, increased by only two percent in the same period, according to forecasts by the German Retail Federation.

Next step: municipal retailers go online together

The participants of the study also see a positive development regarding the digital city center. For 65 percent of those surveyed, online marketplaces are driving forward the digitization of city centers. The example of the North Rhine-Westphalian city of Velbert shows which scenarios are conceivable. It has had its own eBay presence since mid-August. The offers of the participating dealers can thus not only be found via the classic product search on eBay. As part of the eBay city initiative local & digital, landing page was created for the project. Up to now, 18 participating retailers have been supported by eBay in connecting their business and the associated product range to the online marketplace. More dealers are to follow in the upcoming weeks and months.

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