The new Packaging Act has been in force since the beginning of the year. The aim is to reduce waste and increase recycling. We have asked companies in the industry how they deal with the new regulation.

Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze sets the course for the new packaging law: “Our goal is less plastic packaging and more recycling. To achieve this, we need everyone involved – manufacturers, retailers and consumers. With the new law, we will be able to recycle much more in Germany in future than we have done so far”. Stricter regulations have therefore been in force since 1 January. The recycling rate for packaging waste has been increased. In future, 58.5 percent of plastic packaging is to be reused instead of the previous 36 percent. The recycling rate for metals, glass and paper has been increased to 90 percent. In addition, more ecological packaging should cost less in the licence fees for the dual systems. In addition, reusable packaging will be promoted. Manufacturers and distributors of packaging have been obliged to participate in a take-back system. The new “Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister” monitors compliance, registration and cost sharing by companies. What do the new regulations mean for the children’s equipment industry?

Tausendkind expects lower fees due to Packaging Act

The two founders Dr. Anike v. Gagern and Dr. Kathrin Weiß expect only minor effects for the online children’s and baby outfitter tausendkind. “For us there are no major changes. We were already registered with a dual system even before the new packaging law and paid our licence fees in this way. Since the legislator has set up the central office, we have a greater administrative burden, since here too, in addition to the dual system, the annual reports must be submitted.” The new law does not have any influence on the packaging of the online shop, it should remain as before. In addition, the company expects the law to have a positive effect: “The new law will check the registration of the affected companies, i.e. many times more companies will participate in the total disposal costs. We therefore expect a certain reduction in licence fees for each individual company.”

Environmental protection is of great importance for löwenzahn organics

The food manufacturer Löwenzahn organics has registered its packaging and welcomes the new packaging law. Founders Liz Sauer Williamson and Carmen Lazos Wilmking: “We are very pleased about this, because it is definitely a step in the right direction with regard to more sustainable packaging – a point that has always been close to our hearts! Due to regulations in the food industry, for example, our packaging still has more plastic than we would wish in an ideal world, even though we already use a lot of resealable packaging. Here we are still working on the “perfect” solution! For them, the idea of the law is enormously important. “For us, environmental protection and sustainable action are part of our corporate identity – we attach great importance to working only with selected suppliers where we can be sure that the highest standards in the quality of the raw materials and in the area of organic farming are met.


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Link: The new Packaging Act has been in force since 1 January 2019 – many companies in the industry are calm in their response.

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