Online shops must be smartphone-optimized. A recent study by shows that almost half of all mothers and fathers use this device to shop.

Online retail sales are heading rapidly towards the 50 billion euro mark. Parents in particular like to shop online, “mobile first” is the motto when buying children’s products, according to a survey conducted by Almost half of the parents buy via smartphone. Especially because it is faster: 44 percent of fathers and mothers who shop online see great time savings in mobile shopping compared to purchasing via desktop computer. The reasons are obvious: it is flexibility and convenience that are particularly appreciated in this type of online shopping. 85 percent of those surveyed shop from the sofa or bed, 25 percent while waiting for their children and 14 percent on the playground.

Mothers buy more often via smartphone than fathers

Of all mothers who use the smartphone to inform themselves about children’s products, 72 percent also buy via this device. Fathers switch to PCs even more frequently here. In addition, the smartphone seems to influence buying behavior: 29 percent of respondents stated that they commit to a certain product much faster when shopping via mobile phone than when buying via computer. They appreciate new technologies that make shopping even more comfortable. 18 percent have already tried a language assistant, another 42 percent can imagine to do so.

Gender-specific shopping

According to the survey, 98 percent of almost all German parents buy children’s products on the Internet. Seven out of ten respondents said they shop online frequently or very frequently. There also seem to be gender-specific differences here: Mothers feel primarily responsible for family shopping. Ultimately, those who really shop depend heavily on the children’s products they need: According to the survey, fashion items and books are most often bought by the mother. Fathers, on the other hand, are more responsible for purchasing multimedia products and sporting goods.

An online shop itself is the top source of Inspiration for many

The data also provides information on which sources traders should use for their advertising: For 54 percent of those surveyed, the online shops themselves serve as a source of inspiration when shopping. This is followed by Research through search engines (53 percent), Facebook (26 percent) and newsletters from online shops for children’s products (23 percent).



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