Eight out of ten Germans (81 percent) want to use the fingerprint in the future in order to secure payment processes; this was determined by the newest survey of the digital association BITKOM. The fingerprint can, generally, substitute signatures or PIN in all payment processes with debit or credit card, contactless payment via smartphone or with online banking.

“The fingerprint makes every person unique and is, therefore, an ideal, highly-secure authorization procedure and faster as well as more conveniently applicable than every password, on top”, says Bernhard Rohleder, Managing Director of BITKOM. “The great experiences users make with the Touch-ID when unlocking smartphones or computer have paved the way for other fields of application like the payment.”

Further biometric authorization procedures are demanded: more than a third (36 percent) would use the Iris-Scan to authorize a payment. Around a fourth (22 percent) also wants to use a verification on the basis of a voice profile.


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