In order to be successful in retail, the customer’s wishes must be taken into account. Through digitalization, customers are used to the fact that the desired product is always immediately available. The fashion company Peek & Cloppenburg, headquartered in Düsseldorf and Vienna, would like to respond to the circumstances and has planned several projects to optimize product availability.

Since the beginning of July, Peek & Cloppenburg has been offering the Click& Reserve function in its online shop in Germany. Using this function, the customer can query the inventory in real time and thus reserve the item directly in the desired store. In addition, customers of stationary stores have the option of having the desired items delivered from other P&C stores to their preferred store when their favorite item is sold out locally. Whether online or stationary in both cases, customers are informed by e-mail when the goods arrive. The goods can then be picked up at the service point within three days. With the new solution, the company wants to promote its Omnichannel strategy. In this way, the fashion company combines the advantages of convenient shopping in the web shop with those of the stores.

“The integration of online trade and stationary business is a key issue for us. After the already introduced Click & Collect, we can now offer our customers a further improved Omnichannel experience with the additional Click & Reserve. In this way, we not only increase service, but also the stationary and online trade support each other,” says Nicolay Merkt, Managing Director of Fashion ID GmbH & Co. KG.

Peek & Cloppenburg introduces replenishment function

The company is currently testing the concept of a central supply function for articles of its own brands as well as for all-year articles of selected third-party brands. Previously, each private label product was ordered six months in advance and separately for each store according to color, size, and exact quantity. P&C now wants to change this, because with the changed purchasing behavior, such detailed predictions can no longer be made. Accordingly, distribution now takes place twice a week from a central warehouse. In 2019, more than one million parts will be reordered from this warehouse according to demand and in 2020 they will be gradually scaled to full capacity.

Peek & Cloppenburg is proceeding in the same way with the distribution of the all-year articles. For example, the company has introduced depots with a central replenishment function. These take over the supply of the stores with regular articles. This process simplifies and accelerates the replenishment process.

According to the fashion company, this is a clear advantage: “The improved availability on the sales areas demonstrably has a positive influence on sales, which is why the concept will be rolled out further this year”.

Expansion planned

Peek & Cloppenburg would like to expand further in the future and offer customers the opportunity to choose their personal trends from the current fashion of many brands. For the year 2020 the company plans to enter the Estonian and Serbian markets. With the opening of the branches in Tallinn and Belgrade, P&C is expanding its international activities and will be represented in 17 countries in the future. For 2019 there are three new openings in Cluj (Romania), Timisoara (Romania) and Zagreb (Croatia). In addition, a new store with more than 5,500 square meters is to be built in Bocholt in 2020.

However, Peek & Cloppenburg is not only planning to expand its stationary retail offering, but is also focusing on online. According to the fashion company, in addition to a new online shop in the Netherlands, its own online shop for its subsidiary Anson’s Herrenhaus KG will also go online in autumn. As early as August, customers will be able to view the latest collections in Online Fashion Windows.


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Picture: Peek & Cloppenburg Düsseldorf