Playtime Berlin welcomes the wooden toy manufacturer PlanToys, founded in Thailand in 1981. The toy producer is well-known for its sustainable production and the conservation of resources by using recycled rubber trees, which are planted to produce latex.

“We are really looking forward to Playtime Berlin. It will actually be our first time participating in a Playtime trade show in Europe. Our US team has already participated in Playtime New York and our Japan team has taken part in Playtime Tokyo. So we’re very happy to be in Berlin now,” says Olivier De Rauw, Office Manager Europe at PlanToys.

PlanToys produces its own toy range exclusively with the natural raw material wood. More precisely, they use the wood of rubber trees that are older than 25 years old. That is when the trees reach “retirement” age and natural rubber production ceases. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry about the state of the trees. Working together with the “Plan Group”, PlanToys organises the annual “PlanLoves the Forest Program”. In the past eight years, this program has helped plant over 40,000 trees in the Chiyaphum province, which covers 2,000 hectares.

In addition, PlanToys produces all its toys with toxin-free production processes and water-based paints. The “waste product” is the sawdust, which is reused in the form of “PlanWood”. PlanWood, according to the company, is compressed wood particle board, which is pressed into a particular form. With this process, PlanToys is the first and only company that can produce wooden toys for water.

Images: PlanToys