Only recently Playmobil has entered the licensing market. Obviously with success. Since now the group has launched further game sets around the Dragons license into the market.

Even more fire-spitting dragons, exciting adventures and fantastic dragon races: Playmobil has further expanded its range around the DreamWorks Dragons license. Four new sets now complement the successful product series. They invite little adventurers into the world of Hiccup, Toothless and the Vikings of Berk. New on the market are the sets Ruffnut and Tuffnut with Barf and Belch, Snotlout and Hookfang, Fishlegs und Meatlug as well as Gobber the Belch. The dragons Barf and Belch, Hookfang and Meatlug have been redesigned. This makes them extremely mobile, enables action-packed flying fun and makes it fun to play with them.

Dragons license has already won industry award

With the Dragons license, Playmobil is demonstrating its skill in selecting the right theme. At the end of 2016, the Group entered the licensing business. It started with products around Ghostbusters and this Dragons license. For Playmobil this is unusual terrain but the company mastered it with flying colors and secured the recognition of the industry. As early as 2017, Playmobil was named Licensee of the Year and received one of the coveted Lima Awards Germany. A special award for the company: “With the license themes we have taken an important step for the further development of the Playmobil brand. Children’s everyday lives are constantly changing. We have to recognize this and pick up the children wherever they are – including in films and television. The fact that our products can inspire not only small fans, but also license experts is a valuable confirmation of our work.”

Playmobil carefully selects license themes

Obviously, the award and success were also an incentive to further expand the licensing business. Playmobil carefully selects the licenses. After all, it is also important to maintain a balance with the core business. “Whether a license matches Playmobil, the traditional products, the brand philosophy and the target group is carefully considered. All factors must be right here. This was the basis for the successful cooperation with SONY Pictures Entertainment (Ghostbusters) and Universal Pictures (Dragons),” says the company.


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