On 20 December 2018, the organiser Picaflor announced that the Playtime 2019 children’s fair would also take place in Shanghai for the first time. In addition to the new exhibition location, Picaflor has planned the new show concept “Kid’s Hub Las Vegas by Playtime” in the United States for February 2019.

It was not until October 2018 that the end of the Berlin edition of Picaflor was announced. Playtime Berlin recorded fewer visitors in the July issue than in the previous year. According to the organizers, there was nothing to suggest that this would change in the foreseeable future. Picaflor stated on its website that there is currently no room for another children’s show in Europe and that the market in Germany was too divided.

Accordingly, tour operators concentrated more on other markets: “When we launched Playtime 2007, we were at the beginning of children’s fashion as we know it today. Playtime has accompanied the development of brands that have become indispensable in designer children’s fashion, and at the same time the entire market has experienced a boom with the emergence of a new generation of buyers and trade press. It is the same movement that is currently emerging in China, and we hope that with Playtime Shanghai we can support international designers as much as possible in this great Chinese adventure”, explains Sébastien de Hutten, Director of Playtime Fairs.

Playtime Shanghai – meeting place for international brands

On 23 and 24 July 2019, 45 international brands are to be brought together for the first edition of Playtime Shanghai. With the new Shanghai edition, the Playtime children’s fair is now represented in four countries: France, the United States, Japan and now also China.


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