On July 4 and 5, Playtime Berlin celebrates its first birthday at Palazzo Italia, Unter den Linden. In addition to the presentation of the spring and summer collection 2019 by international and national designers, the third edition will be dedicated to the motto “Loving Future”. The first Luna Talk, which will take place on July 4 in the Playtime conference room, is dedicated to the topic of shopping experience 4.0.

The French company Playtime (Picaflor) is represented with its children’s fashion fairs in Paris, New York, Tokyo and for one year also in Berlin. This year’s July edition of Playtime Berlin will revolve around the planet Earth. The topic of sustainability is essential. For the third edition, Playtime has consciously and ethically selected brands that meet the criteria of the use of natural materials and those of local and ethical production. In addition to the already established brands, 40 new exhibitors will be presented at the next Playtime Berlin.

“We see it as a basis and an obligation to define the new future standards together,” said Sebastien de Hutten, Playtime’s co-founder, about the upcoming Playtime Berlin.

The following exhibitors will be represented at Playtime Berlin: bundgaard, camper, enfance, jottum, momino, nanga shoes, naturino, sigikid and zazzu.

Luna-Talk: Shopping Experience 4.0

The Luna-Talk will deal with the Topic of Shopping Experience 4.0. Questions such as: What does the retail trade have to do to retain customers? What role does sustainability play?

Many stationary retailers have the problem that fewer and fewer customers shop in the stores. In addition, the large number of competitors makes it difficult for them to place their products online accordingly. The question is: What do customers expect from a 4.0 shopping experience? How can retailers strengthen their shop as their own brand and attract and retain customers with targeted campaigns? What role do topics such as design, service and sustainable production play for customers? The same applies to online shopping: How do you use your own assortment to create an impression among customers that they visit the website more often and order from there?

At Luna-Talk bloggers, influencers, retailers and manufacturers will ask questions and exchange opinions on how customer loyalty works in today’s world. New ideas and concepts, what customers expect in terms of service and experience offline and online and how the two channels can be used well together are topics that are discussed as well. Florian Henneka, CEO of Korbmayer, Nici Zinell and Adèle Catelain, CEO and Sales at Noé & Zoë, blogger Susanna Goonawardana of “A family affair” and founder Isabel Robles Salgado of Little years will participate in the Luna-Talk.

Luna-Talk Playtime Berlin
The Luna talk will take place on 4 July at 5pm in the conference room of Playtime.

Playtime Online

In July 2018 Playtime Online, operated by Picaflor Editions, will launch the international B2B marketplace for children’s fashion, lifestyle and maternity. The platform is free of charge for buyers and should be available in the future for brands at an affordable price. Various trade fair formats have come together to form an international network with a strong digital presence.


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