With around 500 brands, the 26th edition of Playtime Paris also promised exciting discoveries for the trade public this season. Despite the significant increase in the number of Asian visitors, the fair recorded a noticeable decrease in visitor numbers.

Mitigation of the decline

With the 26th edition, Playtime Paris attracted 5116 trade visitors over three days from 29 June to 1 July. A decrease of 6% compared to the last summer season 2018, but mitigated by two statistics: an increase in buyers, 61% of whom returned to the show, and an increase in Asian visitor numbers. Here South Korea and Japan overtook the United States for the first time, while China’s number of buyers remained the same, a good sign before the opening of Playtime Shanghai.

Did the heat wave cause a decline?

“While the show was fully air-conditioned, the heat wave temperatures held back some buyers,” said Chantal Danguillaume, commercial director of the show. “Retailers have had a very difficult season, especially in France with the Yellow Vest movement, while at the same time B2B orders are evolving by increasingly combining digital with physical products,” Danguillaume explains.

Playtime Online gains relevance

As a result, Playtime Online appears more indispensable than ever within a global buying behavior that has become more rational and responsive. The online marketplace for children’s fashion and maternity celebrated its first birthday, supported by a beautiful selection of 130 brands and 3,000 buyers.

In numbers:

Total number of visitors: 5116
France: 45.4%.
International: 54.6%.

Europe (excluding France): 40.5%.
Asia 8%.
America 3.9%
Middle East 1.6%
India 0.5%
Africa 0.2%

Top 5 Europe

1. Belgium 11.1%.
2. Netherlands 4.7%
3. Great Britain 4.6%
4. germany 3.8
5 Spain 3.6

Top 5 outside Europe

1st South Korea 2.6%
2. Japan 2.6
3. China 2.4%
4. USA 2%
5. Russia 1%

Distribution of visitors per day:

Saturday, 29 June: 35.8%.
Sunday, 30 June: 27.4%.
Monday 1 July: 35.8%.

All countries in descending order of visitor numbers:

France, Belgium, Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, South Korea, Japan, United States, China, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Russia, Austria, Denmark, Luxembourg, Poland, Ukraine, Canada, Brazil, Norway, Guadeloupe, India, Ireland, Lebanon, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Greece, Israel, Kuwait, Latvia, Peru, Lithuania, Morocco, Senegal, Singapore, South Africa, Australia, Croatia, Estonia, Iceland, Macau, Martinique, Mexico, Qatar, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Chile, Cyprus, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Aland-Islands, Kazakhstan, Liechtenstein, Nigeria, Pakistan, Czech Republic, Réunion, Thailand, Iceland

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