Primark copies the sneakers of the Fairtrade brand Veja

Jamie Proske – 6 June, 2019

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The sneakers from shoe manufacturer Veja are Fairtrade certified. This makes it all the more serious for the company that the sustainably produced shoes were copied in design by the cheap textile discounter Primark.

Veja stands for environmental protection, ecological materials and fair working conditions. The sneakers of the Fairtrade brand are made of canvas, organic cotton, natural rubber or vegetable tanned leather. If plastics are used at Veja, only recycled plastics are used. The company even uses recycled packaging for its shoe boxes.

Primark copies Veja sneakers

Veja is not only popular because it focuses on sustainability, but the design of the shoes is also very popular. It’s all the more tragic that it’s the low-cost chain Primark that is copying the shoe manufacturer. We are talking about a white sneaker with blue and red details. Primark’s model is very similar to Veja’s V-10 model. In addition, Primark only sells the shoe for a fraction of the brand’s price.

Veja co-founder Sébastien Kopp expresses itself

The plagiarism was discovered by an Irish clothes exchange platform called „The Nu Wardrobe“. After the discovery, the platform shared the images of both models on Instagram. And wrote under the post addressed to Primark: „Isn’t it enough to produce cheap and unsustainable clothing? Do we have to steal from those who try to do good?“

Veja’s co-founder Sébastien Kopp, now publicly comments on the copy on the Instagram account of the sustainability company Eco Age and addresses his statement directly to Primark: „The first question that comes to my mind is: ‚Where are these beautiful fake shoes made? I think Primark got it wrong: they shouldn’t copy the style of our shoes, they should copy the way we make them. With organic cotton, with recycled plastic, with more environmentally friendly materials, in factories where the workers are paid decently and work in safe conditions.“

The founder of the French shoe label has now announced legal action. Primark itself does not comment on the incident.

Successful designs are particularly interesting for counterfeiters

Brands that are particularly successful and bring popular designs to the market are often targeted by counterfeiters. This is always making headlines and in most cases leads to legal action.

This is not the first time that this has happened: Already at the beginning of 2019, the shoe brand Vans sued the discounter Primark for trademark infringements. The models concerned were the „Vans Old Skool“ and the „Vans Sk8-Hi“. These looked very similar to the Vans models and were sold by Primark for a fraction of the original price.

For the shoe manufacturer, the counterfeit is particularly annoying, as Veja has invested much more time and resources in the sneakers than the cheap chain Primark. The shoe manufacturer invests five to seven times as much in production as its competitors Adidas, Nike & Co. This makes it all the more difficult to survive on the fashion market as a sustainable brand and to assert oneself against the cheap brands.

Duchess Meghan wears Veja

The company has been in existence since 2015 and is likely to be followed by more counterfeit Veja sneakers after the Primark counterfeit. The loyal customers of the shoe brand buy the shoes not only because of the design, but primarily because of the sustainability aspect. Therefore the fakes of the discounters are no competition for the Veja sneakers.
Veja is one of the best-known and hottest shoe manufacturers. Celebrities such as Emma Watson and Ellen Page were not overlooked either. Even Duchess Meghan, who has been in the public spotlight ever since her wedding to Prince Harry, has been wearing Veja sneakers.



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Link: Primark steals the design of the shoe brand Veja.

Image: Veja


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