Jörg de Breuyn on children’s furniture

Luna Journal: What has been this year’s bestseller?

Jörg de Breuyn: That’s not so easy to say. Our top sellers are still our modular loft beds made of solid wood with bed frames for children from 18 months to three years. Typically, an expectant mother will come into the shop with her two-yearold who is about to graduate from a cot to a proper children’s bed. Here, we can offer customers a specialised solution they won’t find anywhere else on the market. Another line that’s doing very well is when a customer wants a designer piece of children’s furniture that goes well in an adult environment. That might be a play table from our new Modular range for the living room, an elegant cot from Kalon Studios for the parent’s bedroom or stackable bed units from Speedoletto – i.e., furniture taken out of the classic children’s bedroom and integrated in the adult world of the American-style living room.

Luna Journal: What are your predictions for summer 2016?

Jörg de Breuyn: Natural materials in offbeat colours are set to return. Sustainability, craftsmanship and design are coming back as well. But the fashion of recent years for white-painted furniture is on its way out.

Luna Journal: Do you use all the various sales channels?

Jörg de Breuyn: We do, indeed! We sell both offline and online, i.e., from our stores, via the Internet and also through interior designers and architects. At the same time, we are making more effort to reach our customers via various social media. The important thing is to tell customers about our products and services via a whole range of sales channels – and, most importantly of all, to get them involved. This will lead to a greater linking and merging between all the different sales channels. It would be crazy to limit ourselves just to one of them.

Luna Journal: How important is the Internet?

Jörg de Breuyn: We have to be on the Internet so that customers can find us. The Internet is not the enemy of retailing. It’s an opportunity! A clearly defined and specialist product range that stands out from the mass market, good service and honest communication, high flexibility in terms of opening hours, home visits, the use of new media – all that means going directly to the customer rather than waiting until he or she comes to you.