Nicolás C. Moeller has been the new Director Global Sales at Recaro Child Safety since the beginning of April 2018. Moeller has many years of experience in the baby and children’s equipment sector. He has big plans for the hardware company.

You previously worked for the company Cybex. What experience do you have?

From my previous work, I have a variety of experiences, including, in particular, an understanding of what it means to meet customers’ premium demands. Safety and quality of our products are a must for our customers. But they also expect a high degree of lifestyle. It is important to meet this need while staying true to the brand.

Which tasks fall within your area of responsibility?

One of my tasks as Director Global Sales at Recaro Child Safety is to ensure the sale of our products in all countries where Recaro is represented. On the other hand, I am also the link in the company: My colleagues and I are close to the customer, directly take up feedback on our products and continuously evaluate the feedback of our trading partners – and then bring it back in into the company. In this way we can ensure that valuable suggestions and expectations of our customers are implemented promptly.

You also worked for hardware producer Kiddy and successfully relaunched the brand. Are you planning precautions in this regard for Recaro Child Safety?

My colleagues have already repositioned the brand last year under the motto “Excellent Parenthood“: Recaro is aimed at urban, modern and responsible parents who are active and progressive. Numerous measures have been developed in this context – starting with a new image world, our magalog and point-of-sale materials up to a new trade fair booth at Kind + Jugend 2017, the “Premium Partner Program”, a new sales concept has been established, our website has been relaunched and a web shop has been set up.

These measures were well received from retailers. Recaro Child Safety recently introduced the Zero.1 Elite i-Size , a class 0+/1 seat. This product, which was rated as good by Stiftung Warentest, is an appropriate answer to the requirements of this important seating class. We also have a good range of child seats in all classes as well as strollers. We will further strengthen both areas this year with new products.

What goals have you set yourself?

The expectations of many retailers at home and abroad coincide with my personal goal – and that is to establish Recaro among the top three brands in the market.

What precautions have you taken to further establish Recaro Child Safety in the premium segment?

Customers in the premium segment rightly expect to be offered products that correspond to the latest state of development and which at the same time also convince through their design, which differs from others. Our company is ideally equipped for these tasks: On the one hand, Recaro Child Safety has a very well-positioned development team which, thanks to its German-based production facilities, can act quickly and deliver correspondingly fast results. On the other hand, with a selected mix of distribution channels for the premium segment, we also ensure that the benefits of our brand and, above all, the added value of our products are communicated to the end consumer very well.

How would you like to further internationalize the brand in Europe, Asia and America?

Recaro Child Safety is an owner-managed company that is growing steadily on its own. Sustainability in all respects and the premium idea come first, not necessarily the speed of growth. We want to further expand our market position in Europe with the help of our existing network. In Asia and America, we are relying on the cooperation with distributors and the expansion of our own presence in selected regions for growth.

Which markets are still desirable for Recaro Child Safety?

Our goal is that Recaro is present with the entire existing portfolio in every represented country.  At Kind + Jugend we will also be presenting new, exciting products – but at the moment we can’t tell you more about them.

What were the sales figures for Recaro Child Safety in 2017? To what extent do you plan to increase sales?

Roughly speaking, the sales level in 2017 was in the mid double-digit million range. In the future, we aim for stable growth of five to seven percent.

What characterizes the hardware industry? What does a company have to pay attention to in order to be successful on the market?

Recaro’s recipe for success is “Made in Germany”. Unlike the vast majority of our competitors, we mainly rely on our own production and suppliers in Germany to meet the high demands of our industry – especially with our latest car seats, which will be presented at Kind + Jugend 2018. This location advantage also enables us to react quickly to customer requirements.

How important are safety tests for your company?

Safety tests are essential in our industry – and of course for our company. Our drive is to make child seats even safer and more comfortable. Over the years, Recaro Child Safety has constantly developed new solutions that have set new standards in terms of safety, quality, comfort and design. Accordingly, we test our products conscientiously and continuously. This includes both static and dynamic tests and calculations. We test our products not only in our own crash simulation facility, but also in external, accredited test facilities – even under conditions that go far beyond the legal requirements.


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Image: Recaro – Nicolás C. Moeller