In Germany there are more and more rental services for baby and childen’s toys, clothing or outfitting. In addition to established providers such as and, more and more retailers are entering the rental business: After Tchibo, the retail chain real is also renting out toys and outfitting for babies and children.

Renting instead of buying: This business model is gaining ground in Germany. A current survey of German consumers conducted by the market research institute Splendid Research shows that this business model appeals to around half of all 1,014 people between 18 and 69. This means that the market for the rental of goods has great and cross-sector potential. “The relatively high popularity is not least due to the changed consumer behavior of Germans”, explains Thilo Kampffmeyer, head of the study.

Changed consumer awareness among Germans

It is becoming increasingly difficult for consumers to keep up with the speed of manufacturers. Nevertheless, many people feel the need to stay up-to-date, whether in terms of technology or fashion. With the option of only renting products for a limited period of time instead of buying them, retailers offer an adequate solution for consumers.

The most important motive for renting articles was the limited period of use, according to 44 percent of those surveyed. The second most important reason, therefore, is the cost savings that consumers hope to achieve compared to buying.

“Contemporary and sustainable form of consumption”

The business model has enormous potential, especially in the market for baby and children’s toys, clothing and outfitting. This is because clothing, toys and outfitting products have a relatively short useful life or are only used seasonally. has been renting toys for all age groups since 2013, and since August 2018 the provider has also been acting as a cooperation partner for the toy rental service of the chain real. “Our new rental service gives parents maximum flexibility and cost advantages. In addition, the rental of items that are often only used for a short time is a contemporary and sustainable form of consumption,” says Gerald Schönbucher, Managing Director of real Digital. Since 2014,’s rental service has mainly been offering children’s clothing for rent; in 2016, the Team also started offering maternity fashion and baby carriers for rent, followed by toys and outfitting products in 2017. Since the beginning of 2018, the retail chain Tchibo, in cooperation with kilenda, has also been offering clothing and outfitting products for babies and children on its platform which can be rented for a certain period of time.


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