Baby rockers have long been a standard feature of US homes and are now becoming increasingly popular in European ones as well. Once denounced as a place for “parking” baby, this practical piece of furniture is good for infants and parents alike – provided the right model is selected.


The spring rocker from Nonomo should be a definite hit with parents looking for an alternative bouncer. It’s similar to carrying the baby in a sling: the natural curve supports the soft intervertebral disks as the weight on baby’s back is evenly distributed. The rocker is fixed with a spring to the door frame.


Young parents can find themselves carrying around so much gear that they jump at the chance to cut down. At a lightweight 15 kilograms and foldable to extremely compact dimensions, the Dreamer from Joie is ideal for families on the move. And with five recorded lullabies, nature sounds and vibration effects, it has all it takes to soothe a crotchety tot.


With its fashionable looks and smart design, the innovative Leaf curv from Nuna will delight style-conscious parents. Propelled by a gentle push, it sways rhythmically for two minutes. Will also grow with baby. More than enough reasons to persuade parents to buy!

Info: German consumer magazine Ökotest tested a range of baby rockers in November 2014 and compiled a ranking. The Nuna Leaf performed well in the areas of practicality and safety but less so in ease-of-use. Its successor, the Leaf curv, claims to offer improved handling.

By Julia Anderton