German consumers like to save on principle – that is the result of an online survey of the price comparison portal idealo. The most popular is the classic sales sale, closely followed by brochures.

Not only Swabians like to save. Throughout Germany, 97 percent of consumers regularly use savings methods for their purchases. This is the central result of an online survey of 1,023 Internet users aged 16 and over conducted by the Norstat market research institute on behalf of the idealo price comparison portal.

Sale, brochures, comparison portals

The reason behind this is simple: 91 percent of respondents simply don’t want to spend more than necessary when shopping. Around 84 percent save to build up reserves, while just under 77 percent of consumers use saving methods because they were brought up that way or because they save out of habit. In addition, around 73 percent of the users surveyed stated that they generally enjoy saving money – be it through coupons or discount campaigns.

In fact, the classic sales method, whether online or stationary, is the most popular savings method in Germany. Seven out of ten respondents stated that they were particularly happy to make purchases in sales; women (around 77 percent) in particular liked to use sales to save money on purchases. The majority (81 percent) mainly buy fashion and accessories at the point of sale, only 14.5 percent in the Baby & Child segment.

Coupons and outlet centres are the tail lights

69 percent of consumers stated that they regularly use brochures as a savings method, primarily to save on everyday products such as food (60.5 percent) or drugstore articles (57.3 percent). Price comparison portals are used comparatively frequently (67 per cent) for price savings; with approximately 72 per cent this is the most popular saving method with men. Especially in the area of electrical goods (58 percent) and travel (44.9 percent), respondents make use of the opportunity to find bargains quickly and easily on the Internet.

While voucher codes (66 percent), loyalty points (65 percent) and volume discounts (64 percent) are almost equally popular for bargain hunting, the redemption of coupons (47 percent) and travel to outlet centers (30 percent) are comparatively unpopular among German consumers.

More convenient savings when shopping online

The interviewees do come across offers in the retail shop and online as equally frequently in everyday life, namely 33 percent each. The most attractive offers, however, are available for almost every second person on the Internet. Only 13 percent of those surveyed think that stationary retail is ahead, the rest are undecided.

Parents and high-income earners particularly fond of saving money

It is also noticeable that parents and high-income earners in particular often save money. 8 out of 10 parents stated that they enjoy saving – nine percent more than the childless. In addition, people with a monthly net household income of between three and five thousand euros are particularly happy to save in Germany. More savings methods such as discount coupons, special offers or loyalty points are used when shopping – more than for all other salary categories.


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