As of January 1, 2019, the German sales organization of Brio will be integrated into the Ravensburger sales organization. This is intended to promote the growth of Brio products in Germany. In the future, the sales organization of Ravensburger Spieleverlag and the German sales organization of the Brio brand will function as a joint organization on the German market.

“With the integration of the German Brio sales organization into the Ravensburger Spieleverlag Sales organization, we are exploiting synergies within the Group. We are avoiding duplicate sales structures and creating additional growth opportunities for the Brio brand due to the larger customer base within the new organization. This will result in a broader portfolio of two complementary brands that will benefit from a common customer base in the future,” said Clemens Maier, CEO of the Ravensburger Group.

With this alliance, Ravensburger wants to prevent dual distribution structures and help the Brio brand to achieve additional growth opportunities. The merger opens up a broader portfolio consisting of two complementary brands that will benefit from a common customer base in the future.

Expansion into the toy market

In 2015, the Swedish toy manufacturer Brio was acquired by Ravensburger with the aim of growing internationally. The aim of the company was to grow internationally and to expand further from the games market into the toy market. Brio is managed as an independent subsidiary and has so far taken over German sales.

Employee responsibility

Brio has 15 employees who are exclusively responsible for marketing and sales of the products in Germany and Luxembourg. As the company will be relocated to Ravensburg on 1 February 2019, the employees will be able to continue working there. Brio employees who are unable to move will be supported by Ravensburger in their professional reorientation and will also receive severance payments. In the future, Erwin Müller, Managing Director of Brio Deutschland GmbH, will support the Ravensburger Group.

It is planned that the head office in Malmö will continue to function as an independent subsidiary and control German sales via the sales organisation in Ravensburg.


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Image: Ravensburger